The Sheeps are in the Meadow – August 10, 2006

Jake & Miss Ewe

Jake & Miss Ewe


Just a final note to say we’re home! Jake’s beady little black eyes nearly popped right out of his head when he saw all the lush foliage and lawn to eat. He can’t get over the big trees – something he never saw in Saskatchewan. We sat on the picnic table drinking chamomile tea trying to absorb it all. We got home a little late last night due to a very busy ferry, unexpected on a Wednesday. The house and yard were all safe and sound and very quiet! There’s nothing like the fresh air and forest smell of this place.

The Man and Lady seem to be having trouble remembering how a stove works so they went out for breakfast. They claim they needed to buy supplies and pick up ten weeks of mail.

The Man and Lady would like to thank everyone for their prayers and encouragement during their trip. Some have expressed surprise that we actually made it to Newfoundland – the Man says he is surprised we ever left there – definitely the highlight of the trip. We also want to thank the Honda car company that produced our 1990 Honda that took us 14,786 miles (24,643 kilometres) without a speck of trouble and still with it’s original 1990 battery!

The Man and Lady are sorting out all their stuff today and thinking about what they’re going to be doing in the next few days and the future. They’ll talk it over when they go out for dinner tonight. Jake and I are going to stay home and make hay! Thanks for patiently reading all my scribbles!

Til some other time … Miss Ewe (and Jake)


April 10,2013

Just a final update on Jake and Miss Ewe.  Both are still doing well and after careful consideration, they decided to go into the cat-fur sock business.  They researched and auditioned many cats and finally came up with Tigger who is a very patient, placid cat.  Miss Ewe and Jake groom her, roll her fur into balls (or sometimes Tigger coughs them up for them) and sends them to Herman, the Maker of Socks. He then knits tiny socks for pygmy sheep and sends them around the world.  Admittedly it is a limited market but they are happy in their work.  Besides, their needs are few as there is lots of green, luscious grass about.  Right now they are very busy because it is cat shedding season, a favourite time of year for them.

             The Man

Tigger, Jake & Miss Ewe

Tigger, Jake & Miss Ewe


So, this is the last post and the end of the road for Miss Ewe.  Thanks to everyone who came along on the trip, it has been interesting for me read through this again and re-live the trip.

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3 thoughts on “The Sheeps are in the Meadow – August 10, 2006

  1. Diane

    Ken…I LOVE this picture of Miss Ewe, Jake and TIGGER!!! Three of my most favorite people (well sort of people!) Sooooo cute. And once again Tigger is Miss Photogenic!

  2. Diane

    Ha Ha Ken! I JUST read your reply here today! I just noticed I hadn’t confirmed subscribing to follow up for comments on this one. I so do love this picture!

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