Aback in Chilliwack – August 8, 2006

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Cariboo Trail

Cariboo Trail


We’re almost home! Yesterday morning we left Quesnel and headed down the Cariboo Wagon Trail towards the Lower Mainland.

Thompson River Cemetery

Thompson River Cemetery

It was a beautiful drive following the Fraser River from Quesnel to Williams Lake, losing it there then picking up the aqua blue Thompson River just north of Cache Creek and finally watching them both join together at Lyton.

Cariboo Trail

Cariboo Trail

The scenery was again beautiful and at times spectacular.

Cariboo Trail

Cariboo Trail

The arid brown hills and uncultivable land contrasting vividly with the bright green irrigated fields. The Man was hoping for a leisurely drive but being the last day of a long weekend all the crazy drivers were out. I have noticed though, that with all those kilometres under the Man’s belt, he still isn’t intimidated by fast drivers and still manages to smile with 15 or 20 cars in a long train behind him.

Freight Train

Freight Train

The Fraser Canyon was magnificent as we had sunny weather with just enough patches of cloud to make it photographically interesting for the Man. We all had faint tinges of whiplash from his dashing on and off the highway to get another photograph! I bet he is the only tourist to have read every historical marker across Canada. You can really feel the history here though with remnants of old settlements, overgrown graveyards and rusting pieces of farm and mining equipment – monuments to those who struggled up the trail to find their gold mine.

Harrison Lake

Harrison Lake

One of the reasons we went a little faster was that the Man thought it would be fun to end our ten weeks on the road with a stay at the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel. So . . . that’s where we landed and it was definitely fun for the Man and Lady but the hotel was much too pish-posh to allow sheep. When the bellhop loaded up the luggage cart with the Man and Lady’s Adidas bags, laundry bag full of pillows and the Lady’s ugly flannel nightgown and the Man’s packsack with the broken zipper, Jake and I tried to jump on. The bellhop took one look at the ‘luggage’ and one look at Jake and I and sent us hoofing over to the hotel lawn for the night. I can almost understand his point though because after looking at recent photos of myself I notice, I’m embarrassed to say, I’m looking a little dingy. More like a common farm sheep rather than a sophisticated town sheep. I don’t know what Jake sees in me as he is always so nicely turned out. Perhaps it is his sheep shift that makes a difference or (don’t tell him I said this) his funny looking hat.

Rabbit Farm

Rabbit Farm

Today we drove a bit through some pretty farmland and Jake and I started talking about our future farming plans. Got talking about a rabbit farm so the Man stopped at one so we could check it out. Whewww – though very affectionate, they’re big and more than a bit scary! Jake’s shepherds crook would never subdue one of those puppies! So – hamsters are looking better all the time.

Tonight we will stay in Chilliwack with the Man and Lady’s daughter and then in the morning head to my blessèd Lawn in the Woods. I’ll write you and let you know how everything looks.

Til later,

Miss Ewe (and Jake)

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6 thoughts on “Aback in Chilliwack – August 8, 2006

  1. beautiful photographs!

    • Thanks for the comment and for taking a look. It has been interesting looking at the photos again. They were all taken in 2006 with an older digital camera and I hadn’t looked at them for a number of years because I was unhappy with the quality. With a little software magic though, and on second glance, they don’t look too bad.

      • I am no photographer but I appreciate a good photograph. All of mine tend to be grainy and poor quality but they still capture a moment in time and that’s what I appreciate.
        Thanks for sharing them.
        Continued success.

      • Thank you – and to you also. Sadly, Miss Ewe is coming to an end very soon but will be replaced by another photo blog I’m starting.

  2. The cemetary looks like a fabulous place to shoot. So pleased I stumbled across your other blog.

    • Yes, it was an interesting cemetery. Just happened to see it by chance. Old headstones carved in wood but because it is so dry there, they have remained. Very hot that day and I had to keep my eyes open for rattlesnakes. I’m pleased that you found my other site also but you’ll have to look fast, I’m about to put the last post up 😦 Actually the blog will remain if you want to read through.

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