Up the Creek in Dawson – August 5, 2006

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We’re in British Columbia but just by the skin of our teeth! Tonight we are in Dawson Creek after spending a couple of days on a more northerly route through Saskatchewan and Alberta. With the Man’s usual logic, he thinks that if we go far to the north we can then coast all the way south because it will all be downhill!?

002-Rain Shower_watermarked

Near Dawson Creek

The highway very loosely followed the old fur trader/Indian trails from the very early days. The actual trails disappeared after farmers moved north during the Depression and Dust Bowl era. The land was surveyed and set out in nice even grids and the road followed the gridlines. Eventually the original trails were ploughed under as the farms expanded. Still, lots of history up here with old barns and log houses/cabins – some still standing, others slowly fading into the landscape. It is also an area where the Indian culture – mostly Cree and some Blackfoot and Métis – still has a strong foothold.

Jake & Miss Ewe

Jake & Miss Ewe

Oh, that reminds me – I have been asked what first attracted me to Jake, besides his wonderful smile. It was his nifty sandals. I think Miriam Thomas in Chitek Lake made them. Miriam lives on the reserve in Chitek and has a store where she sells her leather sewing. Not only does she sew moccasins and gloves, she tans the moose hide mainly using traditional tanning methods. The Man and the Lady have worn Miriam’s moccasins for years and were glad to see that Jake had the wisdom to wear such great shoes.

Ever since the Maritimes we have noticed that the wild life has been very scarce – maybe because of the hot weather. In the past two days we have seen lots of deer and three coyotes. I’m not as nervous about coyotes now because now I have Jake. As you may have noticed, Jake carries a staff that he can bop coyotes on the head with. I’m sure he would do that for me.

Jake is enjoying his travels and is starting to warm up to the idea of a hamster farm. As you may not realize, we are not full size sheep but a very rare breed of pygmy sheep. We think we might be a bit intimidated shepherding contented/oblivious cows so hamsters would be perfect – especially with Jake’s staff that has a crook in it so he can snare and subdue the little critters.

The Man and Lady have been having conflicting emotions when listening to the weather news. It sounds like bad weather, flooding, rain, tornados, severe thunderstorms and hail have followed closely behind each province of our route. The Man is disappointed to have missed it all but the Lady is very thankful.

When we hit Dawson Creek tonight the Man parked at the crossroads and stared up the Alaska Highway which runs 1500 miles (2400 kilometres) to Fairbanks and down the highway which ends 750 miles (1200 kilometres) in Vancouver and did lots of humming and hawing and . . . he hasn’t told us what he’s decided yet.

Til later,

Miss Ewe (and Jake)

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