Hidin’ in Dryden – July 31, 2006

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Hello there –

Sorry I haven’t been writing much but the days seem to be whizzing by now though today seemed endless. It all started well this morning with the Man all smiles and chuckles after experiencing a tremendous thunder storm in Marathon, Ontario last night. Lots of lightning and torrential rain throughout the night. This morning it was still raining, very foggy and hot – all a strange combination for those of us from BC.

Blind Rive

Blind River

As we were driving down the highway I happened to mention that we seem to be seeing Ontario MUCH faster going in this direction. The Man said that we are homeward bound and it’s not too unusual for travellers to get a yearning for home. Well . . . the mention of home set off a reaction in me like Pavlov’s bells. I could almost taste my good old lawn under the apple tree and I started to get quite excited about seeing it again and that’s when the Man had a snarky fit. All I did was ask him, “Are we almost there?” every 10 kilometres or so when he slammed on the brakes, picked me up and locked me in the trunk. There I sat for the rest of the day listening to the wheels spin and my four stomachs gurgling. When he let me out tonight in Dryden he made me promise to only ask once a day for the rest of the trip.

Batchawana Bay Reprise

Batchawana Bay Reprise

I must admit, there is a different feel to the return trip. Every morning we climb into the car, the Man points our tails east and our noses west, throws on the air conditioning and sets the cruise control to 66 mpg (107 km/hr) ?! and down the highway we go. I think the Man and Lady are getting a little satiated with scenery. While it is still very beautiful they are now seeing it with experienced eyes. Mind you, the weather hasn’t been too co-operative – some of the heaviest rains the Man and Lady can ever remember. Since I am a sheep, I can only remember two days ago so it’s all new to me. Our route through Ontario has been retracing old ground as there aren’t many other choices. We will re-examine how we will travel the rest of the way home and determine what we really want to see. I’ll keep you posted.

Til later,

Miss Ewe

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