The Ontario Dash – July 25



Hi there,

Well, we’ve scooted along to Ontario. We decided to make a dash to the sunshine. We contemplated driving the Gaspé Peninsula but the weather was very foggy and rainy so we headed for Ontario. The Lady wanted to tie up some loose ends in Mulmur so we headed here for a couple of days. This time we were able to find the actual farmhouse her great-grandfather, Robert Noble, built in the 1840’s. We had thought we had found it a month ago when we were through but wrong house. This one was definitely right and we spent an hour with the ‘new’ owners whose grandfather bought it in 1909. We got to visit with lots of cows and the Man thought he was getting along well with the farm dog until it nearly took off his hand. All ended well though and the Man can still drive. Sadly there were no blessèd sheep.

We also managed to find the old Ferris farm (the Lady’s grandparents) though it appears that it isn’t being farmed right now.

Mississagi River

Mississagi River

Ontario is looking a little different than our first time through. The corn is chest high, much of the hay has been cut and baled and lots of the grain fields have turned golden. The weather has turned hot and very muggy. The rain has been spotty with some areas having flash floods and other areas in bad need of some type of moisture. It was interesting talking to Mr. Pendleton, the owner of the Noble house. He showed us their new porch. The old porch had been taken off by a tornado a few years back. It seems the property is in a tornado alley – a very localized area. Fortunately the house is made of brick so only the wood porch suffered any damage though they also lost a barn.



 The Man is getting rather blasé about moose, now he wants to see a tornado! I’ve told him he can walk home because the Lady and I aren’t going anywhere near a tornado.

Old Michipicoten River

Old Michipicoten River

We’re now planning the next leg of the trip which will take us up the east coast of Georgian Bay. It is known for it’s 30,000 islands and we’re hoping to get some kayaking in. From there we’re not too sure where we’re going but we’ll let you know.

Til later,

Miss Ewe

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