Yakking in the Fundy – June 25, 2006

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Well, the Man has been grinning all afternoon like a berserk pumpkin. He finally got a picture of a moose! He’s feeling pretty proud of himself but I must say it wasn’t much of a moose – skinny looking and it didn’t even have any of those antler things but still, it was a moose. Hopefully he’ll be content with it and we won’t have to slow down at every swamp we see.

Today turned out to be great weather. Rain was forecasted but the sun broke through the fog and everything was looking bright. We headed a bit east to the town of St. Martin. As we approached the ocean the fog rolled in and kayaking looked a little iffy. We arrived at a bay where the tides and waves have eroded the red sandstone into sculpted caves. The tide was in so you could only see them from the distance. The Man managed to convince the Lady that the fog wasn’t a problem so we pulled out the kayak, got it blown up (attracting a bit of a crowd) and jumped in. The water was like glass and the caves and the rock formations were incredible. Everything was going well until the Man jokingly mentioned the tidal surge to the Lady. It took some fast talking to convince her that the tide was already up and in its slack time so we weren’t going to be sucked out to sea.

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The sun soon burned off the fog and the day turned out bright and clear. The Man was all excited to phone his sisters while bobbing around in the Bay of Fundy until I reminded him that we are four hours ahead of BC and they probably wouldn’t appreciate a call at 7:30 on Sunday morning so the Lady phoned her sister and got her out of bed.

 After our paddle we went and had a wonderful bowl of fish chowder (haddock, lobster and scallops) at a small restaurant on the beach. We have been eating lots of fresh seafood lately – well, actually the Man and Lady have, I’ve been eating the garnishes.

Flowerpot Rock

Flowerpot Rock

Melvin Beach

Melvin Beach

After lunch we went on a long hike in the Fundy Trail Parkway. The roadway and trails run 11 kilometres up the coastline with lots of beautiful viewpoints. It was a great day but my hooves are ready to drop off after all that exercise.

109-Sussex Corner (02)_watermarked

Sussex Corner Farm

108-Sussex Corner (01)_watermarked

Near Sussex Corner

We are in Moncton tonight and we are either going to head into Nova Scotia tomorrow or head into another park that we didn’t have time to see today. I’ll let you know what we did.

Til later,

Miss Ewe

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