Salt Water Daffy – June 24, 2006

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038-Chance Harbour (03)_watermarked

Near Chance Harbour, NB

Hello everyone –

Another interesting day with one disappointment but lots of good times.

The Man read the Ganong Factory tour times WRONG and we couldn’t take the tour because they aren’t open on Saturdays! Part of the problem is that the Man and Lady are having a lot of trouble actually remembering what day it is which is good for them because it means they are turning more sheep-like but bad for me who WANTED to see the chocolate factory. Oh well, the rest of the day made up for it.

048-Lupines (02)_watermarked

Roadside Lupines

We spent a lot of time exploring and didn’t cover much ground as the crow fly’s but we DID cover a lot of miles/kilometres driving down just about every possible road before us. It was soooo good to smell salt air again, see the tides and hear real seagulls, not those imitation lake gulls.

069-St. Stephen's NB (02)_watermarked

St. Stephen, NB

The day was very rainy but warm so it wasn’t too bad wandering around. We didn’t spend too much time in St. Stephen after the heartbreak of the Ganong factory but headed east instead. The first stop was St. Andrew’s which, like St. Stephen dates back to the Loyalists (the guys who decided they didn’t want to be part of America after the American Revolution and headed for Canada – about 1780). The town has over one hundred buildings close to 200 years old – some very beautiful, others quite plain and unassuming. We spent quite a lot of time there walking the streets and snacking on a wonderful oatmeal biscotti-like biscuit. The Man found an old cannon on display on the waterfront and stuffed me into it. Fortunately it was raining so hard he couldn’t light the fuse. WHEWWW!

Near St. Andrew is the island of St. Croix where Samuel de Champlain tried to set up the first winter settlement in 1604. It had mixed results with many of the men dying of scurvy and cold.

The rest of the day was spent driving down all the little roads following the coast. Some towns were definitely lacking in charm but the scenery was wonderful despite the weather conditions.

066-St. George Mill (02)_watermarked

St. George Mill

The Man and Lady are itching to take me kayaking but it was too rainy and foggy today. We’re hoping that perhaps we can go out tomorrow. One factor is that we are in the Bay of Fundy where in the easternmost point of the Bay the tide can rise and fall 50 feet (15 metres). More than one hundred billion tons of waterpower makes its way up and down the Bay twice a day. The Man and Lady said they will make sure it’s really safe before we set out.

Tonight we are in St. John, New Brunswick, not to be confused with St. John’s, Newfoundland. We probably won’t spend a lot of time here as there are some great sights ahead of us.

By the way, we are now four hours ahead of BC so our stomachs and sleep patterns are a little confused but we seem to be going at our own pace.

Well, that’s it for tonight!

Til later,

Miss Ewe

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