Ganong, Ganong – June 23, 2006

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008-Grand Falls NB (08)_watermarked

Grand Falls

Hi there,

Well, we had a good day travelling down the border of New Brunswick/Maine. The first place we headed was to the south of Edmundston to Grand Falls. At Grand Falls, the St. John River drops 75 feet (23 metres) through one of the largest cataracts east of Niagara Falls. From the Falls the river flows wildly through a one mile (1.6 kilometre) long gorge creating whirlpools and roaring rapids. The geology is fascinating with the rock formations looking like folded sheets or stacked slates.

015-Grand Falls NB (15)_watermarked

The Man made the Lady and I walk over a very scary high traffic bridge to get a better view. Every time a large truck went across the bridge the whole thing would shake and tremble.

010-Grand Falls NB (10)_watermarked

By the time I got off the bridge my wool had turned even brighter white which was actually good because the Man says I’m starting to look a little grungy and like a common street sheep.

After that we had a choice of going south on the Trans Canada at 70 mph (110 km/hr) or take a dinky little road at 45 mph (70 km/hr) that paralleled the Trans Canada but on the other side of the St. John River. Naturally the Man chose the dinky road cause it gave him more opportunities to get lost. As it turned out, it was a good choice because the countryside was beautiful despite a misty, rainy day. We had lots of opportunities to stop and appreciate the sights. We have found the drivers here very scary – fast and aggressive. The Man has learned to get out of their way when he can.

024-New Brunswick Farm_watermarked

032-St. John River NB (04)_watermarked

St. John River

027-New Brunswick Houses_watermarked

026-New Brunswick Forest_watermarked

The St. John River is a pretty river that winds slowly through lush green hills, potato fields, oak and spruce forests. Lovely Victorian homes and tidy farms line the riverbanks.

018-Hartland Covered Bridge (01)_watermarked

We drove through the largest covered bridge in the world at Hartland (1282 feet, 390 metres). We actually drove through it three times because someone got lost AGAIN and so we had to do some backtracking. I tried running the length of the bridge once but the Man said my clomping hooves on the wooden walkway sounded like a herd of woodpeckers and made me get back in the car.

028-New Brunswick Wildflowers_watermarked

Tonight we ended up in St. Stephen which is in Passamaquody Bay which is in the Bay of Fundy. St. Stephen is an entrance point from the US, Maine being just across the border. It is also the home of the Ganong Chocolate Factory, a family business that has been operating since 1873! The Ganong’s invented the chocolate bar and the heart shaped chocolate box. The Lady is going to try to sneak me into the factory tomorrow! The town looks like an interesting place to explore so I’ll tell you more later.

033-Miss Ewe_watermarked

Til later,

Miss Ewe

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