Bonjour/Adieu Quebec – June 22, 2006

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Well, when the Man says he’s going to hoof it, he hoofs it! We started the morning in Ontario and finished the day in New Brunswick.

We spent two weeks going through Ontario and the Man and Lady thought they should pick up the pace just a little bit because there is soooo much to see in the Atlantic provinces. We will have to return through Quebec so we can pick up what we missed then.

The Man chose a route on the south bank of the St. Lawrence River and only managed to get lost for about an hour or so today. He’s pretty good when he gets lost though, he usually knows where he’s lost, he just doesn’t know how to get back to where he shouldn’t be lost from.

Can’t say the first part of the journey was very pretty as it was quite industrial looking but the last half of the day was very pretty with beautiful strip farms rolling down to the banks of the St. Lawrence. As we approached New Brunswick we encountered more evergreen forest and it became apparent we were entering an area where the lumber/pulp industry reigns forth.

We arrived in Edmundston, New Brunswick about 7:45 tonight and checked into a very NICE motel. Haven’t looked around but apparently this is a satellite campus for the University of Moncton and there is definitely a pulp mill here. It is also known as the Gateway of the Maritimes. We will check our maps tonight and figure out how we will attack our route.

Well, as today was a freeway day there’s not much news so I’m off to the paddock for the night. Not sure what Internet will be like in the Maritimes but I’ll try to keep you informed.

Til later,

Miss Ewe

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