Marathon Sleeping – June 10, 2006


Hi all…

We’re in Marathon, Ontario tonight after a beautiful day of travelling. Actually we’re on the outskirts of Marathon as Marathon is a pulp mill town and downtown has a bit to be desired. We’re staying in a very nice motel just off Highway 17 (southern route of the Trans Canada).

The Man’s sister asked in an email how it is travelling on the Trans Canada. It has all been great except yesterday when the Man’s driving was very embarrassing to me – in fact I had to pull the wool over my eyes. Around Thunder Bay the traffic increased a lot. Many semis and fast driving cars. The Man has decided that he is definitely a tourist so drives like one. His theory is that he will drive the speed limit and he will pull over when either the cars behind him start honking OR he accumulates more than fifty cars–whichever comes first! I spend a lot of the time on the floor.


Trans Canada Highway

Today was more typical of most days. I think we had perhaps fifteen cars come up behind us the whole day. The road is very quiet and a pleasure to drive. There are lots of areas to pull over and enjoy the view or just let other cars pass. The views have been incredible with Lake Superior glowing in all sorts of shades of blues looking almost tropical against the bright green of the deciduous forest and the dark green spruce.

We popped into the small town of Rossport which used to be a huge fishing port until the fish were all fished away. Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes, in fact all the other Great Lakes could fit into it. It’s about 530 kilometres wide and 260 kilometres long. Waves over 9 metres (30 feet) high have been recorded on it. It looks like the ocean and there are places that you can look across to the horizon and see no land. Despite it’s size, there are winters when the entire lake will freeze. Towns along this route are about one hour apart with just forest and lakes and great rock (much of it very red).

053-Rossport (4)_watermarked

Rossport, Ontario

In Rossport, the Lady found a store she wanted to visit. Fortunately there was a sign on the door saying that there was a husband ‘waiting bench’ and a viewpoint behind the store so both the Man and Lady were happy.

057-Rainbow Falls (4)_watermarked

Rainbow Falls

We were also able to go on a beautiful hike up to Rainbow Falls just past Rossport. The rainbow wasn’t found in the actual waterfall but in the rocks and vegetation along the river. Lots of pink and gray granite, wildflowers and different colours of lichens.

We saw one squirrel, lots of mosquitoes, one live moose from a viewpoint about a mile away and one moose road kill.  It looked like that moose did a job on whatever hit him – lots of car parts on the road.

Tomorrow we continue south towards Sault Ste. Marie. We’re hoping to get a kayak in but today was apparently unusually windy so perhaps tomorrow.


Til the next time,

Miss Ewe

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