In Ontario – June 7, 2006

Well, the Man was happier this morning because we had two claps of thunder and a ten minute deluge of rain last night.  We had a Continental breakfast in the motel and met two couples who gave us all sorts of advice on what to see enroute through Ontario.  We headed out and ten minutes later arrived at the Mennonite Village in Steinbach, Manitoba.  This is a beautifully reconstructed village full of early Canadian/Mennonite history and antiques.  It gives you a real appreciation for the pioneering spirit that developed Canada.  One of the highlights was a working windmill, used for grinding wheat, constructed from Douglas fir from B.C.

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We ended up spending four hours there.  We probably could have done it in two but the Man found a kitten and of course had to wake it up and hold it. The Lady and I looked around the village for a couple of hours and came back to find the Man standing in the exact same spot with the darn cat. Naturally, he then had to go look around and managed to spot two piglets which are his fourth favourite animal after ewes, dogs and cats in that order. Fortunately he also spotted some Mennonite lambs and sheep.  I had a little trouble understanding them because they baaaed in German.  On the whole, it was a great time and well worth the visit.

We then headed a bit north and then east again on the Trans Canada.  It was very quiet traffic-wise and we only saw a few cars.  Within a very short time we were out of the flat prairie and entering coniferous forests and then spruce and pine forests surrounding lake after lake.

We stopped off at Falcon Lake and then West Hawk Lake because that is where the Man and Lady’s son-in-law Bruce used to goof around and play in boats.  Again another wonderful area.  It is amazing to us how quickly we left flat prairie and arrived at this entirely different scenery.

47-Falcon Lake

Falcon Lake

50-West Hawk Lake

West Hawk Lake

Tonight we whipped through Kenora and ended up at a lakeside resort on Longbow Lake.  It’s a beautiful site with little cabins but we think a little over-priced considering what they offer.  Guess we’re in a resort sort of area so we’ll have to check things out more carefully.  Wireless high-speed is a little dodgy and the Man has to go outside and sit ON the car to connect up properly!  Hopefully you’ll actually get this!

001-Longbow Lake 002-Longbow Lake

Til the next time,

Miss Ewe

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